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Bartender Pouring Cocktail


How It Started

Hi. My name is Chase and I put together the Free Spirit Cocktail Club after having dozens of conversations with friends, acquaintances, and restaurants owners about a growing desire for awesome drinks that don't get you drunk.

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Most of those conversations came after someone offered me a drink and I told them I'm not drinking alcohol. Some people would ask why (usually in a curious, non-judging way), others would say something like that's great, I've been thinking of trying that, and some would say cool, can I get you something else to drink? 

Over two years, I have been experimenting with friends to find and create great cocktails without the buzz. This curiosity turned into occasional gatherings to celebrate alcohol-free drinks, and eventually became the Free Spirit Cocktail Club.

The great thing about N/A (or spirit-free, or whatever you want to call them) drinks is that we've all been making them for most of our lives, and you don't need anything fancy to get started. You can pour simple cocktails, or get really creative. Just have fun. The Free Spirit Cocktail Club is all about celebrating, so grab a glass!

About Me

I had been flirting with sobriety for several years, and I made the decision to stop drinking during the first part of the Covid-19 pandemic when I was in the process of becoming a father through adoption. Like many of us, being at home 24/7 made it really convenient to drink, and really frustrating to stare my feelings in the face each morning with a hangover. When I thought about the kind of father I wanted to be, I knew from my own experience as a child that alcohol had the potential to put distance between my family and me. I'm not saying I'll never drink again, but since I've basically been drinking since high school, I want to see how rich my life can be without alcohol.


About You

Everyone has their own relationship with alcohol, and the Free Spirit Cocktail Club is also the Judgement Free Cocktail Club. You might be an occasional drinker looking for more options on the "off days." You might be recovering from a bad relationship with alcohol, or you might be trying to prevent one. Whatever your story is, I'm glad you're here. Everyone is welcome here to experiment, learn, and make great drinks! 

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